Hannah: "They are mine!"
Christine: "No they are mine!!"
Hannah: " Well I made them and Im wearing them today to celebrate the launch of Everything Oz!"
Christine: " Thats not fair I look more like Dorothy!"

Hannah a Stylist and Christine an Art Director, developed an immediate working relationship and friendship after spending a day shooting for the first issue of HobbyCraft magazine. Their meeting was the equivalent of creative dynamite when they discovered that as a team they had all the elements it took to produce their dream book: It was not long before the two had hatched the idea for Everything Alice, which became the bestselling craft book on its release last summer. Everything Oz, a childhood favourite of them both seemed like the natural progression for the next book in the "Everything Series."

Both continue to work separately in their fields; Christine recently becoming the creative Director of Marie Claire Runway & Hannah styling props, fashion and food for magazines and advertisers. They both also have exciting solo book projects coming out next year.
In-between being creatives and authors they find the time to host their own craft blogs, 
Hannah couturecraft.co.uk and Christine sewyeah.co.uk